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About Us

Project SHINE (Sanitation and Hygiene INnovation in Education), is on a mission to work with youth and communities to help them find simple, low-cost, low-tech ways to improve sanitation and hygiene to reduce diarrhea. SHINE has been implemented and evaluated in Tanzania and in India.

Advocating the use of empowering and non-stigmatizing approaches to motivate behavior change, Project SHINE is an innovative, grassroots participatory science education and social entrepreneurship approach to engaging youth and communities in the development and evaluation of strategies to improve sanitation and hygiene in rural and remote settings.

ProjectSHINE (Sanitation and Hygiene INnovation in Education) was initially developed in 2014 as part of a long-term transdisciplinary research collaboration between the University of Calgary, Canada, and the Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences, Tanzania and communities of Maasai pastoralists in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania.  Funding for the project was awarded through a Stars in Global Health grant from Grand Challenges Canada which is financed by the Government of Canada. Take a look at this quick video to get a sense of the initial project concept and information about the study outcomes.

CTV filmmaker Rick Castiglione created a 10-minute documentary of SHINE Tanzania to give voice to participants in the project that captures both the essence and the scope of SHINE.

Our Research Teams

Funding for several sub-studies and project components has been provided by the University of Calgary, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Camrose-based NGO Sahakarini and the Canadian Institute of Natural and Integrative Medicine (CINIM), Calgary.

University of Calgary

  • Sheri Bastien, PhD (Founder)

  • Jennifer Hatfield, PhD 

  • Susan Kutz, DVM, PhD

  • Erin Hetherington, PhD candidate

  • Frank van der Meer, DVM, PhD 

  • Karin Orsel, DVM, PhD

  • Lisa Allen-Scott, PhD

  • Rita Henderson, PhD 

  • Keri Williams, PhD candidate

  • Vanessa Barr, Bhsc

  • Raida Khwaja, Bhsc

  • Lindsay Delmar, Bhsc

  • Erika Friebe, Bhsc

  • Owen Slater

  • Lauren Hebert, Bhsc

  • Marissa Nahirney, Bhsc

  • Mairead Whelan, Bhsc

Norwegian University of Life Sciences and University of Bergen

  • Tina Paasche, MPhil

  • Lise Hovden, MPhil

  • Anise Gold-Watts, PhD (SHINE India project lead)

  • Marte Hovdenak, MPhil

Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences, Tanzania


  • Dr. Mange Manyama, MD, PhD

  • Elias Charles Nyanza, PhD candidate 

Local team in Endulen, Tanzania

  • Saningo Olemshumba (project coordinator)

  • Nabaya Shangai (translator)

  • Kimani Kangweli (translator)

  • Laizer Lokida (translator)

  • Kishimbashi Endulen (translator)



Project Headquarters   

      Oslo, Norway                     


Project Sites 


      Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania


      Sri Puram, India                                                            




Partner Locations

       Calgary, Canada 

       Canmore, Canada

       Camrose, Canada

       San Francisco, USA

       Nairobi, Kenya                                           

       Ndola, Zambia 

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