ProjectSHINE (Sanitation and Hygiene INnovation in Education) works with youth and communities to empower them to find simple, low-cost, low-tech ways to improve sanitation and hygiene in rural and remote settings. 
Our Funders and Partners


Three members of the Rocky Mountain Soap Company recently joined us in India to teach the art and science of soap making, more on their blog here:

Check out this 5 minute clip of our efforts to bring clean water to Maasai pastoralists in Tanzania and learn how you can join us on this journey:

SHINE was presented to the Crown Prince and Princess of Norway, read all about it and check out the pictures:

The Rocky Mountain Soap Company has written an exciting blog about their experience with Project SHINE in Tanzania:

Award Winners

Students who have completed research projects on SHINE have won awards for their research and theses at the Bachelor and Masters level. Check out our gallery of past SHINE students and team members and find out what they are doing!

Want to know more?

There are a growing number of academic publications from the SHINE team.

ProjectSHINE is a charity supported by our ever-generous

funders and partners, and by you!

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