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The Maasai people of *Nyuat group

A registered social enterprise organisation located in the village of rural and remote Edulen, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania

**Ewong’an soap is hand crafted in the remote village of Endulen using natural ingredients sourced locally to Tanzania.


*Nyuat - meaning “hard working initiative”

**Ewong’an – meaning “bringing into the light”


What is your dream?


The dream of the people of Nyuat group in conjunction with project SHINE is to produce a product that treads lightly on the earth while driving an economy for the people of Endulen, NCA and beyond; fulfilling a dream to create a ripple effect in their communities in NCA and far beyond it borders.


When you use this soap, know that it was made of all natural local ingredients by the hands of local soap makers. Know that you also cast a ripple in their quest to fulfil their dream.

Uniquely Maasai soap


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